So the math homework stress is getting the better of you?  It’s frustrating, upsetting and heart breaking to witness your child’s esteem drop to an all-time low.

There is nothing worse than hearing your child use disparaging comments about them self, just because they don’t ‘get’ their math homework.  Or maybe there is.

Being a parent, completely capable of doing the math but not having the first idea on how to explain it in a way that helps your child with the subject or perhaps not being familiar with the math they are studying … maybe that feels a little worse.


Well, no matter.  You are one proactive parent because you are here!  Let’s get you and your kiddo back on the math track so they can feel like the happy, bubbly, creative, confident an smart person that they really are.

Together we will brain storm, figure out where your child is on their math journey & where they need to be.  Then you and I working together will give YOU everything you need to help them succeed with math.

You know how to do the math, you jus don’t know how to explain it.  That’s okay.  I will teach you how to tutor your own child.

  • No more rushing to tutoring sessions from soccer matches week in and week out!
  • No more handing over hard earned dollars every week for these sessions.
  • No more feelings of inadequacies around math.  Life is just way too short for this.

If you are ready to tackle these math problems head on, then simply schedule a call with me.

Right now there are two things I know, an one that I don’t know.  The two things I know are …

  1. You are here, which means you are ready to sort out this issue.
  2. I can help you sort out any issues you personally have with communicating how to do this math.

The one thing I don’t know is whether or not we are a good fit for each other. This, we can only discover on a call together.

When you are ready – schedule that call.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Schedule a call with me.

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