Math homework stress has stolen your families precious evenings …

and now you are a parent on a mission!  A mission to reclaim that harmonious family time and set thestage for the amazing, math anxiety-free life you know you, your child & your family deserves!

So, you know you need to help your child with math, but you’re not so sure where to start?  Well – I’ve got what you need!  To give them the most effective help possible – you need to know what it is they should know!


I’m Niamh Juhl (you can call me NJ!) and I help proactive parent & child duos, who want to eliminate math homework nightmares.

I offer math instruction in clear, easy to digest, self-paced chunks that not only explain the ‘how to’ but also the ‘why’ of math.

I will have you and your 5th or 6th grade child feel excited & confident about the subject again. All the while kicking math homework battles, to the curb.

What a journey to take with your child!  To go from the defeatist “I can’t” to the empowered “world – give me what you’ve got, ‘cause I can handle anything!”

Honestly?  I don’t think curiosity ever killed a cat! With that said, check out what I have for you, to help your child ace their math!

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