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I teach people just like you how to believe in your capacity to pursue, master & enjoy the journey to Math Success.

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I’m Niamh Juhl (you can call me NJ!).  If you are a proactive parent on a mission to eliminate math homework nightmares for you and your child, then you are in the right place.

I teach YOU to tutor your own child math by offering math instruction in clear, easy to digest, self-paced chunks that not only explain the ‘how to’ but also the ‘why’ of math. As an adult,  this material can be worked through very quickly by you.  When you have a full working knowledge of the skills and steps required in foundational math – helping your child will become a breeze.

You can do the math.  You just don’t know how to EXPLIAIN the steps involved.  I’ve got you covered.

I will have you and your elementary or middle-school child feel excited & confident about the math again. All the while kicking math homework battles, tears of frustration, feelings of inadequacy and math anxiety, to the curb.

What a journey to take with your child!  To go from the defeatist “I can’t” to the empowered “world – give me what you’ve got, ‘cause I can handle anything!”

Honestly?  I don’t think curiosity ever killed a cat! With that said, check out what I have for you, to help your child ace their math!

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